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“Stop Using This TFG Card”- Man Warned People on Social Media After This Happened to Him


Things have gotten much simpler in recent years. There is no need for you to put any money down when you use a credit card to buy clothing. Using a credit card payment option, the provider checks your banking activities and offers you a credit they believe you can repay depending on your monthly costs and revenues. This simplifies things for you because you can pay back your credit in manageable monthly instalments. 

One of the most often used credit cards is a TFG card that can be used to purchase clothing from a number of popular retailers. As a result, it's a popular choice among youngsters because it appears to be relatively straightforward to obtain. On the other hand, many individuals have complained about it on social networking sites, alleging that once you utilize the buying power, you can never repay it all off because it continues on growing the credit every month. 

An irate young man took to social media to tell people to stop using this card following all of this. He posted a picture of himself ripping up this credit card because he was fed up with how much credit he had even though he hadn't purchased anything. The following is a link to the original post. 

According to the comments section, he is advising individuals to cease using this card because it usually taints their credit ratings and can have a negative impact on their ability to obtain loans or credit in the future. Others in the comments section shared their own unpleasant experiences with this card, which he found comforting. The following are some of the comments:  

Another Twitter user chimed in, saying that this card is making his life more complicated. "In Markham, I owed R1625, but based to Norton and Lambrianos, I owe R4461. I told them I was prepared to pay the R1625 that I owed as I was warned by Markham cashier, then they agreed to pay me R1625. As a result, they're refusing to hand over my paid-up letter "one of the other Twitter users commented on how this card is making their lives more difficult.


It's true that even if you don't make a purchase, your credit score will rise. I had this card, and it worked the same way for me. The monthly fees on this card seem excessive, but it's customary for a credit card to charge fees. If you don't already have one, I recommend that you open one or pay off the entire balance and close the card.


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