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Credit card loan


The Post Office is encouraging clients to withdraw their SASSA R350 grant due to a cash shortage.


On May 5, the South Photography Equipment Post Office (SAPO) sent a notice to SASSA award recipients asking them to use other withdrawal methods in May.

Provide the receiver with alternative avenues.

The Mailbox said that while some of its branches will be cash-strapped, the majority of this month's SASSA payments had already been issued, encouraging recipients of the R350 social assistance problems award to seek money elsewhere.

"On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Seniors Benefit will be paid, the Disability Benefit on Thursday, May 4th, and the Child Benefit on Thursday, May 5th."

As a result, beneficiaries who get R350 SRD handouts and those who utilize cash payment points are covered by the arrangement, according to the Post Office.

Gold Card holders can make commission-free withdrawals from supermarkets.

"They can also make commission-free purchases using their credit card." As a result, winners will receive the entire award, up to the last cent, when they go grocery shopping. Money was withdrawn from ATMs around the country using gold cards, according to SAPO spokeswoman Johan Kruger. However, bank charges will apply.

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