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R350 Beneficiaries, Here is What Alternative Income Source means

Date: 22/06/28


R350 Beneficiaries, Here is What Alternative Income Source means

Beneficiaries of R350 are now worried because most of them won't receive R350 again. When they heard that R350 was back they were so happy for it but they didn't know that they will be declined.

Lots of people got declined from getting R350 because they say they have source of income that is more than R350. SASSA once said that if you are receiving money that is more that R350 you won't get R350 but people were not worried about that because they thought they were joking but they were serious. Lots of people are now sad because they got declined.

Most of them the reason they wrote for not getting R350 was the "Alternative Income Source" others understand but others didn't understand because they heard no money that they are getting. SASSA Explain what Alternative Income Source means, They said Alternative Income Source means that you have an income or grant coming to you which is more than R595 per month.

That was their reason but others were still confused since they are getting nothing but they status says they are getting money. Here is some of their comments.


SASSA didn't do they investigation very well, there are some people who receive more money every month but they are still going to get R350 but others they receive nothing and got declined. They should investigate well.

What do you think about this?

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