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Stock investment

How to invest and buy shares on #EasyEquities as a beginner?

#EasyEquities is SA's best broker to use to buy shares, ETFs & ETNs. This investment platform has low fees & can be accessed via the app or web. Don't have an account? Sign up👇                         

#Cheapest #Easy Sign up here:

You are registered, what's next?🤔

Log in to the app, click profile & fill in your banking details. Once your banking details are verified, you can deposit in your account for as little as R5 (No minimum deposit). Remember to use the correct reference. Because you use referal link after signing up, your account will be topped up with R50 and if chose not to use it it's your loss.

Your account is funded, now buy your first share💃

A share is a representation of ownership of a company. When you buy a company's shares, you are buying a small piece of that company. Buy shares of a company that you believe will increase in value.

How to find shares to invest in?

Research❗️I invest in companies that serve the needs of people because their value increases as more people want their products. Find the different sectors you're interested in under category tags on the #EasyEquities app👉👉

Where can I find information about the companies?

1. Company's website under the investors portal

2. Moneyweb SA

3. TradingView

4. Yahoo finance

5. Sharenet

6. Simplywall street

7. SENS news

8. Youtube

Stay up to date with the latest news as an investor.

Terms you should know:

FA = Financial Advisor

NFA = Not Financial Advisor

DYOR = Do Your Own Research

DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging

Dip = Share price is dropping

Blue Chips = high-quality, low-risk stock

Penny stocks = high volatile 

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

Congratulations, you are now an investor👏


1. Don't copy people's investments

2. Start with a few companies, buy low and sell high 

3. Don't panic and sell

4. Have your goal: long or short term

5. Be patient, you are an investor, not a trader


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