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If You Were Born Between 1980-1997 This Post is For You.

The year 2022 is not one for prudence. Given that the proliferation of the coronavirus pushes everyone indoors, it would be nonsensical for a person born between 1978 and 1995 (ages 25-42) to lack a job, a degree, or a personal business.

Utilize this moment of difficulty to acquire a skill you've been delaying for a long time; why not begin immediately? You can read books in your room, but in the present world, you cannot be self-sufficient at age 42.

The steps required to achieve independence are as follows:

1. Substitute new business partners for your existing social circle.

2. Obtain employment if you do not already have one.

3.Stop going to clubs on the weekends and read a book at home instead.

4. Save and invest part of your earnings (not in MMM, buy land, stocks, bonds, etc.)

5. sever ties with a person with whom you appear to have no future.

6. You should have realized by now that you should not wait for a handsome prince to save you (Z-World and Hollywood lied to us).

7. Commence sending funds to family members (your parents will be so proud of you).

8. Gentlemen, do not accept every invitation to socialize, drink, and flex with ladies; doing so will only lead to disappointment.

Put aside worries about the opinions of people and your life choices.

Rather than living with roommates, own your own apartment.

If you adhere to my advice, I guarantee that you will quickly go to the top.

If you find this post to be helpful, please distribute it to your relatives and friends.


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