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Just in. Good news to all R350 SASSA beneficiaries

You can now appeal your R350 grant outcome

My neighbour is buying alcohol with child support grant. We reported the matter but north West social workers did not do anything. Sassa said they can't stop grant without the report from social workers .

I was approved and my payday was this past Thursday. I went to three different grocery stores (Shoprite, Checkers and Usave respectively) but they keep saying they can't access the funds yet. What is going on

I got approved for June and it's a week now since i approved, but no payment date, what must i do now to get money as soon as possible

Why do I always get Identity verification failed when all my names and surname do appear on my ID? I called, emailed and dm my Identity document to you from January but still to be declined

You guys are a joke. Declined since October 2021 all because familu put R200 a month in a month to cover bank charges because the banks in Sputh Africa don't keep accounts open if you're unemployed. So much for this being a benefit.

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