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4 Ways Hackers Can Get Your Account Details With Out Your ATM Card

With the development of computer software and internet knowledge, the ways people become victims of online scammers have greatly increased. Therefore, the need to protect one's bank account from being looted has been a priority for many. Read this article to the end and I will explain to you how scammers loot people's money without their cards.

1. Fake Banking Apps

Since most financial transactions take place on mobile phones, scammers often create a copy of their banking app in order to flawlessly carry out their unscrupulous actions. They can easily close the app and claim all deposited money. Therefore, it is necessary to download applications from verified platforms only in order not to fall prey to it out of ignorance.

2. Via keyloggers

A keylogger is an untraceable method that hackers often use to steal people's money through their banking information. Keyloggers are malware that keep logs of all information written to a website or application. That way, they can use information like passwords and usernames to give themselves access to someone's account.

3. Sim Change

Sim swapping is just as dangerous as the other methods listed above. In this scenario, scammers look for the network provider claiming to be you. They report that they lost their SIM card and would love to get it back, after successful you will lose authority on your sim as network will transfer your information to scammer's sim. That way, they can do anything with your finances.

4. MITM (Man in the Middle)

The MITM method usually takes place on an unsafe website or browser. Hackers use sites with an unsecured server to steal any sensitive information written to the site. Every time you post information on the site, scammers act as an intermediary and steal this information as soon as possible. However, avoid visiting unsafe websites with the "unsafe" icon at the top of the site.

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