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Shoprite Is Being Accused Of Scamming People After Twitter Users Noticed This in the Pricings

One characteristic of people in South Africa is that whenever they see a sign with the word "sale" written in large letters, they immediately assume that the price has been lowered. As a result, they make purchases without first determining the amount of money saved by comparing the original price to the sale price. This is typically the case because we have the misconception that if something is advertised as being on sale, then its price has been decreased. However, this is not always the case. 

People have just recently brought to light the fact that Shoprite increases the price of things after affixing a sale tag to them. Customers familiar with Shoprite are aware that the retailer offers a loyalty card known as Xtra Savings. When they make that card for you, they will explain that if you swipe it a specific number of times, you will be eligible for a certain discount. That is not the case at all. Using that card can result in you having to pay additional money on top of what you would have been required to pay in its absence. 


There are times when the amount you would have paid without using the additional saving card is lower than the amount you would pay with the card. For instance, they might tell you that a loaf costs R8, and then tell you that you can buy two of them for R20 if you use an xtra saving card. This indicates that you have paid an additional Rs4 on top of the total amount that you would have paid if you did not have the xtra saving card. As evidence of what I am talking about, please see the screenshots that follow: 


Each one of these posts costs R15, but if you have an extra saving card, you can get both of them for just R40. This indicates that R10 has been added to the total cost that you would have incurred if you had not swiped the extra savings card. By doing so, I am giving everyone fair warning to exercise caution before to using the extra savings card. The first thing you need to do is make a price comparison between the initial price and the price that you will end up paying after applying any applicable discounts. 

There are still some people who don't believe this, so if you've seen it in the shop closest to you, make sure to spread the word to other people as well, so that we can stop paying more for food, which is already costly.


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