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Rejected for 350 log here

All 350 grant beneficiaries who have been rejected to get their money please follow these steps.

The first step you can do is to apply for an appeal, by applying for an appeal means your application can be reconsidered. In some cases happen people have been poorly rejected. We all know that Sassa doesn't reject any application for no reason remember before they make any payment proper investigation takes place. The reason for this is because they wanna make sure this 350 is only received by less fortunate people.

Previously as you not working you were able to apply and qualify for this money. Now things changed if happened they have noticed the is more entering your bank your 350 will be declined. To those who have never been employed well is that they keep receiving their money.

If happen you are not paid this month and you don't know what is happening about your application log on to Sassa and check your status.

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