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We Thank Sassa for paying the 350. See how to check yours

All 350 people who stand to gain financially from the donation have already started doing so. Envision the joy of learning that you won't get paid for at least three more months.

It's hard for them to wrap their heads around the fact that the $350 debt has been completely resolved, but they're overjoyed anyway. Those who haven't received their payment date yet should be patient; it's on its way. To keep tabs on their payment progress, the 350 people still waiting on money should use the Moya app.

Those who have received their refunds early can count themselves fortunate since they will come in handy on this day off. Having some money, even if it's not a lot, is better than having none at all. Some members of the family will pool their resources and utilize the money to purchase food and other necessities for the household. Considering the current price of R100 for two liters of sunflower oil, we can see that the price has increased by. Even gas prices have risen to unreasonable heights in recent years; maybe our president will take something.

Sassa's willingness to pay the $350 is really appreciated, and we would prefer to see it distributed evenly among all participants. If you haven't received a payment or an alert, you may find out what's going on by logging into the Sassa app.


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