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SASSA R350 GRANT: Here are all your December payment dates

a close up of a signThe hang tight is practically over for beneficiaries of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) R350 social alleviation of pain awards which will be paid out during the period of December 2021.

The South African Post Office has delivered the dates on which the December installments will be made to SASSA R350 social help of misery award beneficiaries.

SASSA R350 social help of misery award installments

The R350 social alleviation of trouble award week by week installment dates are as per the following:

Week 1:

01 December: No installment

02 December: No installment

03 December: No installment

Week 2

06 December: 080 and 085

07 December: 081 and 086

08 December: 082 and 087

09 December: 083 and 088

10 December: 084 and 089

Week 3

13 December: 080 and 085

14 December: 081 and 086

15 December: 082 and 087

16 December: No installment

17 December: No installment

Week 4

20 December: 083 and 088

21 December: 084 and 089

22 December: 080 and 085

23 December: 081 and 086

24 December: No installment

Week 5

27 December: No installment

28 December: 082 and 087

29 December: 083 and 088

30 December: 084 and 089

31 December: No installment

Backtalk additionally as of late reported the installment dates for different kinds of social awards for the period of December.

The more seasoned individual's award will be paid out from 1 December 2021. This incorporates any awards which are likewise connected to these records.

Inability awards will be paid out from 2 December 2021. This likewise incorporates any awards which are connected to these records. Any remaining award types will be paid out from 3 December 2021.

SASSA R350 awards may likewise now be gathered at different parts of retails shops, including Pick n Pay and Boxer stores the nation over. SASSA as of late declared that these retailers would be paying out month to month awards to lessen the clog in the long friendly award lines at nearby mailing stations around the country.

SASSA R350 GRANT: Here are all your December payment dates (

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