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Sassa R350 Declined click to check your status

Payees of the R350 Sassafrass subsidy What should I do if June's status application is rejected? Beneficiaries worried after a June-only denial.

Some recipients are getting payments after waiting a long time, but others are being denied them after they were told they would get them over the weekend. "I was anticipating the money to buy corn," said Brilliance Makama, "but now I got declined; I do not know what to do and I have no ways of collecting money."

Many June claimants have complained on social media about being denied benefits since it was discovered they were receiving money from another source.

It was speculated that the number would decrease for these reasons, and now we know that Sassa vets all applicants to make sure they aren't getting the SRD R350 if they already get it from somewhere else.

These should be clearly described, and if it turns out that some people were accidentally denied, the system can easily rectify the situation.


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