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Reasons why your SRD R350 grant may be declined after the first payment, read below

People have been asking questions about why their Social Relief Of Distress grant R350 was rejected. As we know the minister did tell people few reasons why they might find themselves being rejected. If they say you are declined and they gave a reason that you have other alternatives income. This doesn't mean that you are working but it's means everything you get a money more that 595 to your card. Which means you have a stable income monthly that why you will be declined. Well there are more reasons continue reading.

If you are rejected becouse of the identity verification failed, this means the names and ID you provided during the application does match with the one at home affairs. If they say you are declined with a reason that you are a Government pay role. This means the information you provided shows that you work at the Government institution so you won't be allowed to receive R350. Those who are registered for NSFAS their rejection are obvious because NSFAS give students money every month so there are not supposed to register.

It's possible to get rejected after your first payment as the information get updated everday. People get employed everyday so they must be removed on the system that why it's important to check your status every month. I hope those who had questions about their statuses got the answers.

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