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' Congrats'. She bought a brand new house on her own

Who doesn't want to own a beautiful house at a young age? When you are somewhere in your 20s dreams of building or buying a house start to kick in. Still, there are reasons for homeownership many young people don't take into consideration. They might attribute their reluctance to low income and high mortgage payments, but this shows a disregard for the advantages having a property entails. Instead of chasing a dream home, homebuyers should consider the benefits of starting small and working their way up the real estate ladder as their wealth-and family-grows.

Homeownership among younger households has been decreasing in several major advanced economies. Increases in labour income inequality and uncertainty are key drivers of this trend. Confronted with high house prices and low, risky incomes, many young households cannot or do not want to risk making such a big, illiquid investment. As a result, they accumulate less wealth.

Even so, it doesn't mean that other young people will not consider buying/building houses. A beautiful lady with a Twitter handle @lifeofluxurry just bought a beautiful house on her own. This lady doesn't want to live under the same roof with her parents, she wants freedom, that's why she decided to pop out money to buy her own house.

The truth is; you're not always going to be as mobile as you think. Eventually, most of you are going to acquire spouses and kids. Those spouses will probably have jobs (particularly if you're in the demographic that thinks it might move to San Francisco-or Paris-at any moment.) Those jobs will not necessarily allow them to pick up and move across oceans or continents so that you can explore some exciting new opportunity, or see what it's like to live somewhere different.

Benefits of buying a house when you're young :

• It's an appreciating asset. ...

• You will be able to pay off your bond sooner rather than later. ...

• You will pay off your bond instead of rent. ...

• Unlike renting, you can truly make your home your own. ...

• You don't have to deal with a landlord.

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