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Before I had the money, I could survive on what I had, man explains after blowing R200,000 in months


Money controls people the minute it gets in people chance for the better from lifestyle to communication, it gets hard on them to see other people like before.

A young man who blew his father's pensions in few months explained how his life changed after getting his first bank notification. Man revealed that the death of his father brought him the lifestyle he always wanted, if only he was cautious he could have made bigger achievements with the cash. " I started drinking and getting many girlfriends at once" he said.

People around my community had a nickname for me, couldn't believe money has the power until I got hold of it. People I respect turned the tables, they bowed to me I made braai for them for two weeks non stop. Spending R40,000 a day was never a problem money was there whatever they needed they got it from me.

Until my bank account couldn't withdraw money, I realized that blew all the money my father left for me. That time his family had to unveil his father's tombstone. The money his father worked hard for he blew it within months spending it on girls and entertainment. All in all I blew R200,000 in two months. The money I had wasted most of it in alcohol.

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