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Sassa SRD R350 updated the reasons for declining beneficiaries for June

The reason why the system is working this weekend the Sassa is experiencing issues with their new system, yesterday they explained to beneficiaries why they were declined by the system for June.

Some of the reasons are written bellow clearly it explains that when you were given a reason for the cause of being declined, stop wondering check below why you were declined.

If you feel like you were wrongfully declined here is what you need to know, on Monday 27 June 2022 you can appeal on the Sassa website and they will recheck your application and if it is found that you were wrongfully declined the status will change and be approved.

Then you will get your money, a lot of beneficiaries where left disappoint by being declined and some believes that it declined every one because of the number of complaints on social media.

On Monday the appeal process starts beneficiaries shouldn't worry no more because there's still a chance to get paid.

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