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3 Reasons Why You Have Not Received Your SASSA R350 Grant

The R350 SASSA grant is a monthly grant given to individuals who have no form of income, due to Covid 19.

The covid 19 grant applications are revised and reviewed every month, and there are various reasons why payments are often delayed.

According to SASSA these might be some of the reasons :

1. You Keep Changing Your Banking Details.

Sassa has informed its receivers that changing your banking details often will lead to your process taking long.

This is because that once banking details have been uploaded, Sassa has to verify those banking details before making the payments.

It is advisable to refrain from updating your details unnecessarily, only update them if it is completely necessary.

2. You Have Chosen The E-Wallet Option.

The e-wallet option is the latest option that was introduced as a way to collet the covid 19 grant. This was introduced in order to reduce the commotion tmcaused at the post office and for easier accessibility to the money.

The Ewallet option had not yet been approved, however it was already made as an option.

If you had chosen this option, your payment might take longer to process.

3. You Have Provided The Wrong Banking Details.

If you have provided the wrong banking details, SASSA can not make the payment to an account that is invalid.

It is required that the banking details provided, are in the names of the applying individual.

Also it is very important to ensure that the details have been filled in correctly and accurately.

This will only ensure that your application is processed faster.

In order for your application to be approved in a timely manner, ensure that you provide the correct information and details, also refrain from changing details unnecessarily so.

If your application has been declined, you can contact SASSA for a reconsideration.

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