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December Payment Dates For R350 SRD Grant Finally Revealed| Check Your ID

Beneficiaries of the R350 Covid-19 social relief of distress (SRD) award should anticipate their payments to arrive on December 6, after the payout of the disability and old grants. The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has announced that elderly people's benefits will begin on December 1 and disability grants will begin on December 2. This includes any other grant payments made to these recipients.

Other awards will be paid beginning December 3, with the exception of the SRD grant, which will not be paid until December 6. Depending on their ID number, each recipient is allotted a payment date. The dates listed below apply to the SA Post Office payment scheme. Beneficiaries will be able to collect their funds as soon as they obtain payment confirmation from Sassa. Here is dates per ID numbers.

December 6: 080 and 085

December 7: 081 and 086

December 8( 082 and 087)

December 9 (083 and 088)

December 10 (084 and 089)

December 13 (080 and 085)

December 14 (081 and 086)

December 15 (082 and 087)

December 20 (083 and 088)

December 21 (084 and 089)

December 22 (080 and 085)

December 23 (081 and 086)

December 28 (082 and 087)

December 29 (083 and 088)

December 30 (084 and 089)

Sassa also reminded recipients who have yet to receive their payments from the first payment cycle(which ended in April this year) that they only have till today(30 November 2021) to do so before the money is lost to the state fund and channeled towards other government objectives. Those who choose a bank account or cash send as a payment option will get their funds through their preferred bank rather than the shop and those without bank accounts or did not select to receive their cash via bank can now get their money from shops(Shoprite, boxer, PnP and Other selected shops) rather than the post office.

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