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SRD R350: Declined Applications For June Must Use This Link To Appeal

The Department of Social Development announced cuts to the budget for social assistance funds and also stated that some recipients will be eliminated so that the money could be distributed to those in greatest need. So they wanted the option to review the applications and contact each potential beneficiary to see whether they had any supplemental income.

This was accomplished back in May, and right now Different people didn't realize they had won an award in June because of the way their status indicated that it had declined due to multiple circumstances. Many people have taken to electronic entertainment to express their displeasure at having their applications pardoned for reasons they find incomprehensible. Some people, for instance, insist that the reason their application was turned down is because they receive income from sources other than Social Security, when in reality they do not.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has made the conscious decision to prioritize the concerns of the general public when they are uncertain, and they are recommending that anyone who believes their application was denied irrationally file an appeal so that their case can be detailed in the end. An individual who wishes to withdraw an appeal must do so using the DSG free court's website (

After you click that link, proceed to the section of the page that says "Snap here to hold an appeal or to truly explore bid status." After that, input your phone number, OTP code, and personality number. They didn't provide any hard deadlines for when the appeal would be approved, but they did say that the process wouldn't take too much longer than usual.

Sassa needs to put a stop to this act of removing people's boundaries. Since the financial plan has been slashed, the R350 should be lowered to a new, lower amount that still allows them to honor everyone, including those who are in need of financial assistance. Since then, they've been able to extend their honor to everyone they've dealt with. As you might expect, speeding up the cycle or ensuring that no applications are wrongfully denied are both important goals. What do you think should be done to achieve these goals?


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