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SASSA payment dates from January to march 2022

SASSA beneficiaries have already get paid earlier on this December and are already enjoying their money .It's a good thing they get paid before Christmas in that case they will be able to buy nice groceries for festival seasons this December.

It's a very wise move to spend wisely because we still going to need money to survive until January next year .So if you are going to survive with the money you got on the first days of December for the whole month you must be on a very tight budget with the little you got without spending unnecessarily.

Many blame the inflation rates whic is affecting their life since it's rising very fast but you can atleast survive with high skills of budgeting and focusing only on buying needs instead of wants.It is very important for SASSA beneficiaries since they are less fortunate group getting less money to survive .

So to clear the rumours circulating around about the paying dates for next year from January to march 2022 here are the dates

1.Older person

-January 04 2022

-February 03 2022

-March 03 2022

2.Disability grant

-january 05 2022

-february 04 2022

March 04 2022

3. Children grant

-January 06 2022

-February 07 2022

-March 07 2022

The above are dates of payment so it's important to be financially responsible as you wait for payments date for next year . Always remember December is a month just like other month spend because it's important not because it's December,it's important to also remember that January is a start of every thing kids going back to school , going back to work ,It require lot of money ,

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