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Opera News Hub: May Failed Payments

Dear Opera News Hub content creator,


Hard work should be rewarded, but we’ve encountered some difficulties with some of your May payments.

To those who have been wondering why their payments have not yet reflected, please check if your name is listed below, and fix accordingly.

For Opera News Hub to make successful payments to you, we need your correct banking details. According to our records, a failed payment occurred to you as invalid banking details were supplied to us.


We would like to rectify the situation, and that means we need your help. 


  • Continue writing throughout July
  • Update your banking details before the end of the month
  • Double-check that your details are correct
  • Get in contact with us if you run into any problems
  • The balance will be paid if you keep writing and updating the valid banking details.

Thank you for understanding and your continued support!

Opera News Hub


Content created and supplied by: OperaNewsHubAcademy_ZA (via Opera News )

Opera News Hub


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