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Mzansi left stunned as a user shares his year savings in a bottle.

Saving money needs discipline. Whether it is money for December or any other occasion. That's why banks have now introduced fixed banking and other things. You can only get your money on that day and not a day before. It's not easy being broke knowing you have money somewhere. 

Twitter is one of those social media sites where you find just about anything. It is a big community made up of different people. You learn something new whenever you log on. That's why it needs a strong person because otherwise, one wouldn't manage. The humour that's there is out if this world. 

A twitter user left Mzansi surprised as she shared his year savings. The money is put in a five litre bottle. It is full to the prim, with only notes in it. He is definitely disciplined cause many people would have eaten the money. Maybe we should all try this next year and get tips from him of course.

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