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Man wins R5 million and goes broke within 3 months he can not even buy R5 bread

It is often said that money is the root of all evil. But as society, money is the reason we wake up every morning fighting for a better life. 

Many of us believe that our lives will turn around for the better when we become instant millionaires. 

One such person is a guy who won R5 million and his whole life changed. He could now literally afford doing the craziest things money make people do. 

Appearing in the latest episode of "I Blew It", the man said he spent over R15 000 a day on alcohol. And the alcohol his referring to is not your every day tavern booze. 

We are talking about the expensive bottles of whisky, Champaigns and that beer you would normally find at VIP sections in liquor stores. 

He would also give women money to spend on their clothes, shoes and hair. The man said when a woman asked for money, he would dig 

But easy come is also easy go. The man realized he was in serious trouble after he failed to find 

The people he spent his money on have all deserted him without trace and he no longer has anyone to turn to. 

He once contemplated suicide but the hope that he might one day win more millions has spurred him on. 

Perhaps this time he will be a bit wiser. But what are the chances of someone winning R5 million twice? 


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