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"Why do people buy expensive cars before fixing their homes?" one asked on social media

As lenders go through your financial history, it's not uncommon for past financial choices to come back to bite you, and possibly even prevent you from qualifying for a home loan. It's for this very reason that purchasing a car before buying a home is a big no-no.

That is definitely why a lot of people struggle to build homes after deciding to buy a car. We have seen a lot of people buying expensive cars while they don't have a place to stay, this is really caused by peer pressure and the need to live lavish lifestyle no matter what it might cost them.

One tweep recently took to social media to share a picture of an expensive car standing next to a shack as he mentioned in his post that "Why do people buy expensive cars before fixing their homes?". This a question a lot of people ask themselves as they come across such situations.

Twitter investigators found something in relation to the post, as they revealed the real reason why the expensive car was parked next to this particular shack. What do you think of this whole situation? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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