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Defence Tips Parents Teach Their Kids To Protect Them From Kidnapping

Many individuals learn this universal self-defense skill with their keys as children: if you feel threatened, hold the keys between your fingers and hit an enemy at the appropriate time.

"Insert your thumbnail into their eye socket." Although it's disgusting and probably traumatic, you're better off in treatment than in a morgue." 

"Did you know that a hatpin was a girl's best friend in the late 1880s?" The ladies would use their hatpins to poke harassers. Personally, I believe that hatpins should be reintroduced into the fashion world. "I put them on!" 

"If they grab you from behind, kick them in the shin with your heel as hard as you can." 

"If you can't fight back, scratch them as much as you can and get their DNA in your fingernails!" my mother used to say. Something I'll never forget!" 

"I have pepper spray on me."

If a man grips your wrists, press your wrist against their thumb to break free. Because holding on with your hand in that posture is highly unpleasant, there's a good probability he'll let go." 

"Don't forget to S.I.N.G., which stands for solar plexus, in-step, nose, and crotch, which are all sensitive places." 

"It just takes 11 pounds of pressure to break the elbow. If they've grabbed you with their arm straight and outstretched, twist and utilize your forearm as much as you can against the BACK of their elbow. If you do it on the front of the elbow, it only bends the arm; however, if you do it on the back, you can shatter their arm."

"If feasible, strike them in the nose with an open palm thrusting upwards," my father advised. 

. "I've got a whole bunch of keys on a lanyard, ready to swing like a motherf**ker at someone." 

"Just in case," I said, "my car keys include a corkscrew." 

"Knock them out with a punch to the throat." 

"If they come up behind you, stamp as hard as you can on the top of their foot and ram your elbow backward. This will allow you to get away for a while."


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