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Mother is Happy After Her Daughter Passed her Father on the street as if She Does Not know him

Date: 22/07/02


Mother is Happy After her Daughter Passed her Father on the Street as if She don't know him

Men are not the same, they are all unique. Women are dealing with different problems when it comes to men.

Other men will just Impregnant a their girlfriend them after run away from their responsibility. Children will grow up with father and when they are grown that's when their fathers appear and want to be their father. This problem doesn't sit well with other women because they will go through alot to raise those children alone.

A lady posted in Twitter saying she is very happy after her daughter passed her father on the street and acted like she doesn't know him, Her mother was very very happy after what her daughter did. She said it's because her father didn't want anything to do with his daughter, the mother even bagged her but he refused.

People were very very surprised with the mother's reaction and even the way she was so happy. Here are some of their comments.


When you raise a child alone while his father don't want anything to do with your child it is so difficult to raise and not easy. You should not judge other people how they want their children to do with their fathers.

What do you think about this?

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