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Pregnancy period

Teenage Pregnancy: Amukelani discusses her friends ditching her after falling pregnant

Teenage Pregnancy is a Moja Love reality show that gives us a raw glance at how it really is to be a teenager who falls pregnant in South Africa. Amukelani is one of the three girls whose journey we have become a part of. Her struggles with herstubborn mother took centre stage.

However this week she sat down for some counselor to speak her mind

Counseling is always a great way to get your feelings out there to a neutral party. Its helps you to clear your head and anxieties. We never got introduced to Amu's counsellor and we found them midway but what she had to say was saddening.

She explained that she expected support from her friends but instead they turned their backs on her. It was disappointing as she explained how she knew she made a mistake but her punishment was complete isolation. Considering she's still attending school that must be horrible. walking the halls alone while in her third trimester of pregnancy.

Social Media Response

People were still focused on Amukelani's mother and her refusal to accept.

One user wrote, "Amukelani always complaint she annoying can't she just support her daughter Pregnancy there nothing that can be done now #teenagepregnancy "

While another user wrote, "Amukelani's mother is always complaining #TeenagePregnancy"

Personal Thoughts

I think that it's odd that people would reject their friend because of pregnancy. It seems like something that's personal. You can e disappointed but if you love your friend, pregnancy will not be a factor. I always worry that this kind of isolation will leave to something more dangerous. I'm glad Amu got help. Its never easy but I'm grateful that a professional is intervening.

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Source: Teenage Pregnancy on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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