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A Lady Got In Trouble After She Posted This But Mzansi Noticed This. See In Pictures


It's back to school time, and the kids are overjoyed to be returning to school after such a lengthy break. As the school year begins, parents are busy purchasing new school uniforms for their children. It's a shame that some children did not receive new uniforms. After posting a picture of a child getting ready for class, one social media influencer poked fun of young children on Twitter.

The images have elicited conflicting reactions on Twitter, with some users criticizing the kady who posted them. The child, who appears to be in grade two, is dressed in a uniform consisting of grey pant, blue blouse, and girls school shoes without socks.

The lady was chastised for publishing a picture of a young youngster who had no idea what he was doing. Mzansi noticed that the young child was wearing females' school shoes instead of boys' after carefully inspecting the photos. Fans took matters into their own hands, telling the lady to leave the young boy alone. This isn't the first time we've seen something similar.

It's a shame that there are still parents who receive an SASSA award but do not use the funds as intended, instead spending them on other things. When it comes to their children, parents should be supportive. Look at how the child has become a laughingstock among his peers and others.

This is a way of life that we despise. Patents need to learn how to be good parents. Who would allow her child to walk to school in these school uniforms?


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