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Husband and wife relationship

Lady left people talking after revealing how much her mother wants for lobola

Lobola or Lobolo in Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, Silozi, Shona and northern and southern Ndebele (Mahadi in Sesotho, Magadi in Setswana, Lovola in Xitsonga), and Mamalo in Tshivenda language, sometimes referred to as "bride wealth" or "bride price" is property in livestock or kind, which a prospective husband or head of his family undertakes to give to the head of a prospective wife’s family in gratitude of letting the husband marry their daughter.

No one knows their child better than their mother. If you want to know better about a child ask the mother she will tell you everything. That is why before a girl gets married the parents are the best people especially mothers to decided on the lobola like how much they should pay for her child.

Though fathers claim they know their children, mother are the once who know them better because they are the once who spent most of the time with them raising them. And they know what are they good at and what are they bad at. There are women out there who will never survive in a marriage because of how they are. After getting married it's no longer about you and your husband but your in-laws will also be part of your life and that will come with a lot of challenges, which is why some of the women out there will never survive from them.

A lady by the name of Pholoso took to her social media account to share how much her mother wants for her lobola, below is what the lady shared: My mom said she wants 5k for my lobola her explaination; “Should they bring you back, I can pay them back.

You can't blame the mother for saying this, because marriage is a lot of work, that requires a lot of patience, humbleness and a lot more which is something a lot of women don't have. That is why you will find that a lot of women don't last marriage is because they don't want to obey and listen to their in-laws. But they always want to be right which is something thats not going to happen in other homes.

A lot of things will change when you get to your in-laws, how you did things when you were staying with your parents, you will have to change it when you get to your in-laws. Which is something that a lot of women don't do, that is why they end up going back home.

And by the look of things, this lady's Mom is not the one that think she won't survive marriage but a lot more mothers think so too. Read comments below.

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