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Check out Funny Pictures of our dad cope with their kids when mom is not around

Humorous and entertaining pictures of how fathers adapt to the children when Mom is missing.

Numerous fathers are attached to rehearsing entertaining things and experiences with the children when the mum isn't at home, some of them are exceptionally amusing and funny, I will impart some of them to you today.

Here are a portion of the amusing pictures.

1. Father attaches child to the leg of a child bed:

2. Father changing the diapers of a child while wearing a nose cover:

3. Father deals with twins and he places one in his jeans:

4. Father gums child to the divider with a maskil tape so he can watch the TV.

5. Father utilizes a child taking care of container inplace of a bosom to bamboozle the child

Which is the most entertaining or funny one? Simply demonstrate by composing the number in the remark box.

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