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Pregnancy period

Photos:The Little Girl Who Is Pregnant At the age of 6 Sh0cked The World

We can't always control what happens in our life, but we can choose how we react. Many fights come in the form of issues and pressures, and some of them bring pain, while others arrive in the form of allurement and trials.

Oase Olga Blessing is a 6-year-old girl, she was born normally just like any other babies. She was fine and going to school normally, but two years ago everything changed and became something that they never expected at all. It was one morning and olga was supposed to go to school but very early she started claiming that she had a lot of stomach pain and they did not know what was happening to her. 

she woke up expecting to go to school but she had to stay home. They thought that it was just a mere stomach disease and would heal anytime soon. The belly grew and turned like she is pregnant. Her mother tried taking her to the hospital but treatment was very expensive and they had to bring her home. Obviously they did not know what was happening to their daughter. 

They got a donation from Max Tv after their story was published on the internet. At this point she gained a lot of hope that her l daughter was going to be okay. She immediately scheduled to go to the hospital that they couldn't afford in the first place. 

she tried to do this as fast as she can, because her baby was going through a lot of pain and she was dying. A lot of people kept teasing her and this was heartbreaking. 

After going through a lot of medical checkups and scans they finally realized what was wrong with olga's body. Unfortunately it was the heart, the human heart is composed of four

separate chambers that pump blood into the body. Well it was one of these chambers that was seriously damaged and this was the reason why this fluid kept leaking into her belly. 

She generally takes pills ordinary and at whatever point she is infused, the stomach actually stays swollen and just legs decline in size.

The expert who conducts the investigation, Olga, claims that the most likely way is the point at which the master who travels from afar visits. They usually arrive after 5-10 years, and given the urgency of the current situation, they are unable to trust that those specialists will arrive; however, the difficulty is funding for travel to another nation and enduring the cost of the doctor's visit.

She can't mess with her peers because of her stomach, and she spends the evenings walking about the home since she can't sleep.

Her mother is now hoping for well-wishers to mediate and assist her young girl in returning to normal and living a normal life like any other child.

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Olga Blessing


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