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What would you do if your neighbor did this to your child?

Kids are a gift from God, that is something we all know. Children are a blessing to anyone who may have them, and there is nothing that a parent wants to do than to protect their little one, but what happens when you're not around to protect those beautiful Little souls, what if you've left them with a nanny what happens then. When you have a bond with your child there's just nothing that wants to separate you from them, and the worst thing that could happen is them getting hurt while your not there for them.

Well, over the years kids have been abused so much, by either their parents or their parent's partners, but there's nothing that compares to a neighbor, the person who you trust to protect your child or even look after them when you're not there actually turns out to be the person who happens to hurt your child.

Over the years in South Africa there has been so many cases of nannies and neighbors beating their neighbors kids or the kids that they are supposed to be looking after, or the child just so happened to go to the neighbors house to play and comes back crying. About a year or two back there was a case of a pre school teacher beating a little child, and the video was all over social media, I can only imagine how the parents felt after what the teacher did to their small child, the one person who you trust to protest your baby ends up being the one hurting them.

The video got a lot of views on social media and people were so concerned about what the teacher did to the little child. There has also been a video of a nanny mercilessly beating and kicking a toddler, the video is very heart breaking and shocking to watch.

So what would you do if your neighbor did something like this to your child? Would you report them to proper authorities? Or would you confront them yourself?

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