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Children are being poisoned using this, read here

Another scary revelation have made it's way to the internet, the public rather. Parents will now live in fear and worry because of what is said to be happening.

As it's known that, children loves junk food especially sweets and it's always not easy to get them to eat healthy food, parents are now left with no choice but force their kids to refrain from everything that has sugar, just to save their lives.

A lady shared sweets that are used to drug children.

" Apparently this is a drug used to drug being offered to drug school kids. Drugs masquerading as sweets. Let's spread the word please", read the tweet

" I think another way to prevent this, I know it won't make sense my sense to others_ my views, add sweets and snacks as part of the grocery to add on our kids lunchbox and always remind them not to accept anything offered to them by strangers, remind them everyday", one Commented

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