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'See Why This Baby Picture is Getting Reactions From People (Pictures)

We all know that babies are born as smoothly as glasses. We know that their skin is smooth and soft, with no hair on their skin except for the scalp and eyebrows.

 Maybe that's why people are confused because I have never seen a baby look like this. A child with full hair. This is a child with peripheral tumors, which is what most older men wish they had. A baby with hair on the arms and legs.

 There is already a lot of hair on the head of this five-month-old baby. That is, if her parents choose not to cut her hair when she is three years old.

 To talk about her parents, one or both of them have to have hair to get her. Many people talk about this child online. They will, I'm sure. In any case, they are already doing so, even when they are young.

 According to experts As they grow in your stomach, they take in a lot of hormones from you. After birth, these hormones drop dramatically, causing their hair to grow back.

 Don't worry, it will disappear soon after birth, but if your baby's symptoms persist for several months, consult your doctor.

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