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Who Is The Tallest Human Being?

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What is your height? That is a question that many children ask each other from the first moments they encounter at school. One way we assess each other is by measuring our height.

As children grow, parents and doctors consider height as one indicator of whether or not they are developing normally. Parents proudly record their children's height on the back of a door, marking each inch as a new achievement.

Growing taller is something that children look forward to. For some children, growing taller means being able to ride that one particular ride at their favorite amusement park. Others gain height in order to improve their performance in their favorite sport. Others may like to be taller solely to make reaching the cookies on top shelf simpler.

Sultan Kösen of Ankara, Turkey, is the world's tallest living person, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Sultan was an amazing eight feet and three inches tall when he was officially measured!

Sultan's stature is remarkable. He is thought to be one of just approximately 10-15 people in history who stands taller than eight feet. Sultan dethroned China's Xi Shun, who stood seven feet, nine inches tall, as the World's Tallest Man.

Sultan's height is due to a physical disease known as pituitary gigantism, which affects many of the world's tallest people. Sultan's pituitary gland secretes too much growth hormone as a result of this disease. In fact, if he hadn't had brain surgery to remove the tumor that had been harming his pituitary gland, he might still be growing today!

Sultan also holds world records for having the world's largest hands and feet. He just married a woman who is over two and a half feet shorter than he is! His clothing had to be built to order, and his shoes were a monstrous size 28!

Sultan, on the other hand, isn't the world's tallest individual. Robert Wadlow of Illinois, an American, holds the title. Wadlow passed away in 1940. His official height was a whopping eight feet and eleven inches. That's correct! Wadlow was only an inch or two short of nine feet tall!

Men aren't the only ones who can reach great heights. Zeng Jinlian is thought to be the world's tallest woman, at about eight feet two inches tall and being the only woman known to have ever topped eight feet in height.

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