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"Black mother always have a plan" Mom praised for providing for her daughter with the little she has

Mothers are the pullers of everyone's strength, they are loved by almost everyone as they are the most strongest of our species, hence, they are being celebrated left, right and centre.

In South Africa women are the most cherished and protected and mostly celebrated, from Women's day to mothers day and that comes to show how important they are.

A mother is currently trending on social media together with her daughter for not looking like their background on the stress, even they they are living in a shack.

They are living in a shack but they do not look like their background, the daughter looks as beautiful as they come and the people haven't stopped complementing her and praising the mother.

One user even said "Ahh black mothers will always have a plan" to make sure that their children look as beautiful as other kids who are more priveledged.

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