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Four reasons women are having babies when they can't afford them financial-Opinion

Most women are having babies even thought they can't financial afford them. Below are four reasons why this is happening.

1. Love

Women thinks that conceiving for a man they are in love with will help makes their relationships stays longer. And this is not guaranteed as many many runs as soon as they learns that their lover is pregnant. The reality is no child can trap a man for you, there are lot of woman being dumped with more than two children. Using a child to win a man's love is completely wrong, and this kind of mentality must fall.

2. Society

Some society believes that a womanhood is through her fertility. And older women without kids are taken for granted, so women living in this kind of environment are pressurised to have kids and proves their fertility to the society. When your peers have kids and you don't, they will keep on reminding you that your peers already have kids and when are you having one. To avoid the pressure you starts competing with your peers, whom by then are having more than two kids. And you forget that the child's responsibility is yours not that of the society. When situation gets tough they won't be the to assists you, but they will be sitting under mango tree rejoicing over your struggles.

3. Poverty breakthrough

There are women, most especially the ones living in poverty, they believes that having kids will take them out of the struggle. They think that their children will one day grow, have jobs and financial take care if them. Yes true in some families but not all, first ask yourself if you did take your parents out of poverty. If the answer is no, you are increasing the poverty around you because there are high chances that your kids be like you. There an English saying "an apple doesn't fall far from its tree".

4. Child support grant

Hey, child support grant is bringing us more trouble than good. Women are having more and more children so that they can receive free money. They wants to look good using this grant, this types of women doesn't use the grant for child's needs. They rather let the child walk barefoot and spent the grant on weaves, make up and alcohol.

These reasons are also the cause why there are many single mothers out there, the men that they tried to impress then abandon them with bunch of kids. And they struggles to take care of them financial. Let's make it a norm that when you ain't in financial state to support a child don't have kids because you are only increasing poverty. Only have kids when you can, children born in financial healthy families are likely to succeed in live.

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