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She took her baby daddy to maintenance court and these were the results

Maintenance court is place of law where people are taken to, those who don't want to take care of their children financially. We have men out there who are working but don't take care of their children but they want to be told to take care of their children, but even if they are told they still don't do it.

That is why you will find that there are women who take the law route because it seems like it's the only route that helps them. And most of them get embarrassed because now you have to receive a letter coming from the court demanding you to support your child.

A lady left people happy after sharing that she won a case against her baby daddy. Below is what the lady shared: This is a reminder to take deadbeats to court, all these years I have had to fight have been worth it. Literally the best outcome.

Some people don't understand that little things can cause trauma to the child's life. Why complicate the child's life by first leaving her mother the next thing refusing to take care of them. What does this tell the child that you never wanted her, because it looks like anything that involves her you want nothing to do with it.

Some men really need help how can you be comfortable about not taking care of your child. And the next thing when this child grows up you will want to come back claiming to be their father yet you did nothing for them.

It's understandable if the father is unemployment, but be present in your child's life that way they will know that despite the difficulties you went through in life but you were there for them and you cared about them.

And being unemployed it doesn't mean you don't have to help, find something to do no matter how little it is, it can make a huge difference unlike just sit and do nothing come back and say you don't work, therefore you can't maintain the child. We all have to take part in taking care of the child as parents.

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