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Hospital exposed for losing the remains of a deceased newborn, watch here

The most painful thing any woman can ever go through is going to the hospital to give birth only to come back with a dead baby.

Such pain takes decades for one to accept and be able to move on. A couple had the most painful ordeal where they did not only lose their child but were also told that, the remains of their stillborn child are nowhere to be found when they went to the mortuary to fetch the body of their newborn baby.

The mother lamented that, Thelle Mogoerane hospital was not only negligent with the body of their deceased child but they also mistreated her during labour.

She explained that, her pregnancy was a high risk one, such that she was placed into a high care but still while she was there, the nurses were busy watching video's and when she kept complaining about the pain, they would dismiss her complaints.

The hospital, however refute the claims that, the baby remains were lost.

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