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Mzanzi reacts angrily to a mom after she did this to her child

Babies are helpless little human beings that require care and attention from an adult. They don't know how to do anything for themselves up until they are older.

A certain mom shared a picture of what she had done to her daughter in an attept to make people laugh but it backfired for her.

She had put artificial lashes on her baby's eyes and took pictures of it. A lot of people were furious at what she had done to the child and even having the guts to post the pictures.

"Let kids be kids though."commented a certain Twitter user

Some people however thought it was cute and fun and just a mom having fun with her child. She probably did not mean any harm to the child but simply wanted to make people laugh and see how they would react.

People have different views when it comes to raising kids. While others feel children should not be exposed to adult things others have no problem playing in any way with their children.

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