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'Drama Inside A Shop As Son Fights To Pick His Favourite Yoghurt

The video footage shows an incident where a woman is basically fighting with her child in a shop, it seems like the child was picking something that they didn't want him to pick. But he seems to be fixated on it, people on social media are saying that he certainly is a spoiled child who knows what he wants.

But they are going back and forth taking the yoghurt, pulling it amongst each other and putting it on the trolley but we see the young boy taking care of it and put it back on the shelf as if he does not want it.

Then he picks another brand that is allegedly his favourite so this has been something that we have never seen before, and it's quite hilarious to witness the back and forth going on between the woman and the child.

So this is something that social media users have went on to comment on, some saying that they have experienced similar things in their lives with their children showing a keen sense of liking for certain products and refusing to eat whatever is allocated to them.

The fact that there's even the trolley for the child doesn't help the matter because he is the one who was pushing the trolley and basically picking out from the shelves, everything that he wanted and this is something that we don't see very often.

But we are very curious about so it is quite hilarious however you look at it and has certainly made it hilarious for a lot of people on social media, people are relating to this experience it seems like times are changing.

With these children being allocated trolleys, perhaps this is some method that the business analysts have recommended supermarkets to have because they understand that whenever the children step inside the shop can help increase sales.

Most of the time the parents buy the things for them, because they realise that they'll be upset if they don't do that which is quite brilliant.

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