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Pregnancy period

Causes and treatment of hair loss after pregnancy.

Hair loss after pregnancy is the most common change in all women after childbirth. It has been and still is experienced by many women today.

These changes sometimes occur six to seven months after the birth of the child. It is sometimes a shock to new mothers because they have never experienced it before and they would not want to go bald because they have had a baby.

This sometimes becomes depressing and can make the woman overly emotional and have very low self-esteem. What they think is that they will lose their beauty and will be an eyesore.

The fluctuation of estrogens in the body after pregnancy causes weight loss; and I have noticed that pregnant women have more hair when they are pregnant than when they give birth to their child.

The high amount of estrogen in the body determines the amount of nutrients that will be produced and given to the body, and when the nutrients are successfully delivered to the body, the hair begins to grow rapidly.

Keep in mind that the level of estrogen is reduced after delivery, so it is very important that the woman eats enough healthy food so that she can feed the child with the necessary food, which is breast milk.

After pregnancy, when the intake of contraceptives, abortions, miscarriage and hormonal imbalance can aggravate the situation. Do you know that hair loss after pregnancy can be treated without the use of medication?

If you are experiencing such hair loss, be aware that it is not a big problem and can be resolved in no time. A few months after the meeting, you will regain your hair and your good appearance.

All you need to do is wait. If you had very rich and healthy hair before, it will increase by ten folds. Proper hair care is very important and proper treatments should be used. Please do not use shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful substances because you could end up damaging your hair and you will be to blame.

To overcome them, you must leave it as it is and not try to add or subtract from the hair. You can try other hair styles to make the hair look beautiful, and it will be fine as you continue to do so.

Hair loss after pregnancy is not a very serious matter; so don't get in a bad mood because your hair is falling out, okay?

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