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Parents Cannot Believe it, as they find this done to their Parked cars.

What would you do if you park your clean car as you go meet other parents at a school event only to come back and find your car covered in poo? This is a shocking reality which apparently happened to some parents who attended a sporting event for their children.

According to reports a group of parents, who, on Saturday, 14 May, attended a sporting event at Drakensburg Primary School returned to their cars only to find them covered in poo. The parents were apparently left in shock and disbelief to itnes their cars trashed with dog faeces.

It is alleged that a lady living around the corner from the school had warned some of the parents not to park their vehicles on the grass outside her yard. However according to eye witnesses the space were the cars were parked is municipal land.

After realising that there we cars parked at the said space, it is reported that the elderly lady then proceeded to mix dog faeces with mud and flung it onto the cars. One victim from the incident alleged that the lady had also threatened to slash their tyres.

Looking at what happened, regardless of who owns the land if she maintains that grass she might have every right to control it. At least she didn't scratch the cars as they avoided her warning. If she didn't take care of that land they wouldn't see it as a good parking space.

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