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73 Embarrassing Childhood Photos That Will Definitely Come Back To Haunt Them

1) Moisturizer

This kid needed to moisturize. But probably not this much. He went a little overboard.

2) Cage the Baby

This little girl put her brother in jail. Laundry hamper jail. She gets it from her mama.

3) The Stoplight

This boy is an original. He didn’t want to be what other little boys want to be for Halloween. He wanted to be a traffic light.

4) My “New” Family Photo

This little kid decided she wanted a new family. So, she found one and jumped in on their family photo. Now she has a new family.

5) A Nice Dinner

Her parents thought it would be nice to go out to dinner. She had other things in mind. Like pretending her feet are her head.

6) Victory

This is the face of victory. This kid is a winner. A carrot placing champion.

7) Stuck in the Couch

They say some people get sucked into the couch when they watch too much TV. This kid is taking that to the next level. He is literally sucked into the couch.

8) The Bandaids

This little boy was looking for the Bandaids. He thinks he found them. That’s definitely not a Bandaid.

9) Handstand Sleep

This is kind of alarming. Knowing how weird kids are, she’s probably fine. But that’s not normal.

10) Reality

This is the look of the horror of reality setting in. This is the face of a changed child. Poor thing.

11) Piss Drawer

This is just too funny and any parent’s nightmare. Finding a drawer full of piss. At least it’s empty, except for the piss.

12) Wing Bath

Now this kid knows out to relax. He drew himself a nice bath. And made himself a nice plate of wings. He knows how to treat himself.

13) Gone Fishing

This boy wanted to go fishing in the bathtub. But he wanted to use tampons. He’s not going to have much luck.

14) Potty Fail

This is a potty fail. But it depends on how you’re looking at it. Being backwards might make it easier for him to go.

15) Caught Red Handed

This kid snuck into the livingroom to snack out on chips and watch cartoons. At 3 a.m. all by himself. He got caught red handed!

16) Let Mermaids Lie

This girl is a mermaid for life. She just wants to mer-around. Nothing else matters except being a mermaid now.

17) Boots Only

This kid likes to watch TV with no pants on. But he likes to wear his boots. He looks pretty comfy.

18) Polished Up

This kid is polished up. And not in a good way. A very bad way, in fact. That stuff can’t be good for you.

19) Snack Purse

This kid is going places. She’s a mom in the making. She already has snacks in her purse.

20) Running Away

This kid wanted to run away. She didn’t get far. She wasn’t ready to leave her pillow behind.

21) Princess Hot Dog

Some girls want to be princesses. And some girls want to be hot dogs. It takes all kinds.

22) The Face of a Winner

This is the face of a winner. I don’t know what this kid won. But it looks like he hit the jackpot.

23) Life is Like a Waterslide

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like being reminded of death. My favorite is the man’s face when he’s fallen off the slide. Hilarious.

24) The Ultimate Wedgie

He was told not to climb the fence. Now look at him. He has the ultimate wedgie.

25) 15 CM

This girl is precise. She’s not just going to make an estimate. She’s going to be as accurate as possible.

26) Failure

The look on this kid’s face is priceless. He’s looks like he’s contemplating every decision he’s ever made in his life. Poor kid, he’ll get over it.

27) Not Doing It Right

I have no idea what this kid thinks these things are used for. A face sticker? He looks pretty amused though.

28) Tricked

This little girl thought her favorite plushie was something that he wasn’t. She thought he was a good guy. She was mistaken.

29) Her Favorite Toy

This kid is unique. Her best friend isn’t a doll or stuffed animal. It’s a plastic garden owl used to scare away critters. I love it.

30) Cold Hard Cash

All this kid wanted for his birthday was some cold hard cash. And he got it. He does not look amused.

31) The Supervisor

This is another kid with a bright future. She’s already got her checklist ready. She will definitely be someone’s boss one day.

32) Wrong Game

Not sure this guy understands the rules of hide and go seek. It’s not bury and go seek. He’s doing it wrong.

33) Fountain Snorkeling

Most people snorkel in the ocean. Or even in a pool. This kid is snorkeling for pennies in a fountain.

34) Cat Baby

This woman has a cat baby. Her son wants to be a cat. So, he acts like one.

35) Bring Your Kid to Work Day

This is the boss’ son. He looks like he’s going to be an important guy some day. You can tell by his face.

36) Never Give Up

Tea time is no reason to give up. This kid is going to just keep on cleaning. Because he’s a man and men never give up.

37) Backlash

This parent spent the entire car ride spitting on her kid. This poor kid is covered with spit and sunflower seeds. And she doesn’t even know it.

38) Potty Training

Here we have an early attempt at potty training. This kid doesn’t seem fazed by his accident. His mom decided to memorialize it with a photo forever.

39) Photogenic

This kid looks like she’s been boozin’ all night long. Or smoking funny cigarettes. That kid does not look sober.

40) The Easter Bunny

This is the kind of fear the Easter Bunny instills in some children. This poor kid is traumatized. He jumped up on the table.

41) Basketball

This is what happens when you try to make tiny kids have “teams.” And make them play sports. Just call it what it is… babysitting.

42) I Love Ketchup

Here we have a simple man. Just a man who loves his ketchup. That’s the face of love.

43) Stickers

This card is filled with stickers. Especially this super absorbant one. That is some sticker.

44) Sorry Not Sorry

This little girl is not sorry. Well, she is but because of nothing. She did nothing.

45) Is Anyone There? 

Hello? Is anyone there? Hopefully not.

46) Pro Edition

This is hidden and go seek pro edition. This kid is a genus. You can barely see her.

47) Shark Toast

Here we have some shark toast. With a side of Lego toast. We have miscellanous brew on the side.

48) Sharing a Room

Some siblings have to share a room. And this is what happens as a result. You get bread faced.

49) Dolphin Love

This kid is in love with this dolphin. He wanted to give it a little kiss. He decided to make out with it instead.

50) Her Father’s Daughter

This kid is definitely her father’s daughter. Passed out on the couch with her hand in the Cheetos. Covered in Cheeto dust.

51) Dinosaur Gardener

What is the best clothes to do yard work in? A dinosaur costume. Duh.

52) He Got His Way

This kid wanted it. He got his way. He doesn’t really look happy about it.

53) Handsy

This kid needs to learn about boundaries. And consent. Look at her face.

54) Love

This boy has a crush. He’s got it bad. Look at his face when he sees her.

55) Potato Magic

This guy understands the majesty of potatoes. This is the kind of respect and admiration that potatoes deserve. He knows what’s up.

56) Wise Man

This kid has the look of a wise man. He’s on a Benjamin Button tip right now. He looks like a little old man.

57) Basket Head

This is another failed attempt at hide and go seek. You can even see through the place he is “hiding” in. He clearly doesn’t get.

58) Covered in Bubbles

Here’s another kid who got what she asked for. And she is not happy about it. She wanted to see the bubbles better and now she can.

59) One of Those

He knows what that is. He loves those things. Now he’s getting hungry.

60) Home Haircut

This is what happens when you cut your own bangs. Never cut your own bangs. No matter how old you are.

61) Pudding Heist

This kid is covered in pudding. Look at that tablecloth! Not sure whether she’s dirtier or the tablecloth.

62) Lipstick Boy

This is what three tubes of lipstick looks like on a human body. Was he trying to draw abs on himself? Whatever he was trying to do he doesn’t seem to like the way it came out.

63) Melted Cookies

These kids wanted to heat up some cookies. They just forgot to take those cookies out of the Tupperware. Time for a new toaster oven.

64) Kitchen Fail

Here’s another kitchen fail. This kid decided to put the dog bowl in the oven. Mom turned on the oven and didn’t realize it was in there.

65) Permanent

This kid is feeling pretty blue. This kid now knows the meaning of permanent. He looks very regretful

66) Starting Young

This little baby is happy every day. Sort of. Well, just not today.

67) Sock Hands

Kids can get weird. And they go through phases with their weirdness. This kid is in her sock hands phase.

68) Vintage Stamps

Thinking of having collections when you have kids. Don’t… just don’t. This is what will happen to your collections.

69) Bath Salts

Never give your baby bath salts. They’ll freak out like this kid. Just kidding that’s cake.

70) Milk Sprawl

This baby is sprawling out. She looks like a little star the way she’s laying. She looks so happy and content.

71) Bathroom Snack

This kid had to guard his Doritos. He couldn’t risk them being stolen. Now he has himself a nice bathroom snack.

72) Let Me Explain

“See what had happened was. The flour was on the counter. Then suddenly it toppled over when I was minding my own business.”

73) No Boob For You

How can you say no to that face! That poor little baby. He loves his boobs!

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