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Baby mama said it is his baby, but DNA tests say something else.

A child is always a gift from God, regardless of the circumstances that it may come under, it is still the most special thing that anyone could ever have the privilege to have. Although becoming a mother or a father is always overwhelming and a little scary if you are not prepared, but most people learn and adapt to having a child along the way.

It is no surprise for someone to raise a child who isn't theirs, without knowing that the child they always thought is their baby, is not theirs. Well this is what happened to Mr Joshua T Butler, who found out that her daughter, or at least the child who he thought is her daughter was not his daughter.

Although the mother said that she was sure that the baby is his baby it turned out that Joshua wasn't the father of the child he had raised and grown to love. They conducted DNA tests to figure out if the baby is his and the DNA tests came out saying that the probability of Mr Butler being the father was 0%, which is very sad news to hear if you've been there for the baby and have grown attached to her.

Some texts between Joshua and the mother have been available on social media and in the texts the mother is seen apologizing, and it really seems that she is sorry as she said that she was certain that the baby (Ma'lanhi) was Josh's baby, referring to Mr butler. In the text she seems to be apologizing to Mr Butlers family as well.

It's not easy finding out this kind of news, not for anyone. But will Joshua be able to continue being in Ma'lanhi's life and continue to be her father even after finding out such news? Well we can never know.

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