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"I Wished Death On my Sons, My Triplets Were Born With Autism" Mother Narrates Painful Story

Mercy is a single mother of seven children, four of whom are girls and three of whom are males. In her fifth pregnancy, she hoped for a similar outcome to her other pregnancies, but after her water broke at 24 weeks, both of her children were delivered through C-section before the whole 9-month period had passed.

The newborns didn't seem to be as healthy as the other children. There was a noticeable difference between their typical growth rate and theirs. Though initially assured that her children were simply growing more slowly, a doctor eventually determined that they had autism after many trips to the hospital.

Raising three autistic triplets has been a challenge. In an agonizing account, Mercy describes how she sits and prays for God to take the children from her care. She sits down and wishes she could die since the sufferings have gotten to be too much for her.

Mercy is a scientist who gave birth to her three sons while she was working on her PhD. A scientist, she claims to know that science will help her sons recover, but she needs 8 million dollars to cover the cost of a year of therapy in India in order for this to happen.

Mercy has reason to be optimistic because one of her sons can now talk. She believes that in a year's time, she will be able to share with others what God has done for her during that time.


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