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Mzansi father finds out devastating news about his lovely daughter shares story on the media

Mzansi father finds out terrible news about his lovely daughter:

- A South African man who goes by the name of Michael Mokoena found himself in a terrible drought after finding out terrible news about his lovely daughter, The young man wasn't expecting such a thing to happen to his life to a child who he has been with for a couple of years.

- Machael Mokoena recently did a DNA test with his daughter, and to his surprise the results came back saying he wasn't the Biological father he thought he was. The news was devastating for Machael as he went on to share his story on Facebook.

The loving father Machael Mokoena came out to say that, "The DNA tests came through I am not the biological father."

Mokoena was a loving father and someone who seemed to have really respected his wife and kid, he used to share beautiful moments of himself and his daughter on Facebook and the pictures were beautiful for the viewers to see.

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After sharing his story on twitter many people questioned him why he took DNA tests, and they never got a reply from him, Machael Mokoena went on to say that he wouldn't take this situation to hurt and he believes that he will be okay, he weren't on to share posts on Facebook and people are concerned about him.

Although some made jokes about his situation, some felt pity and distress after seeing what an innocent man is going through right now in his life, many more Facebook users weren't on to say that them too would like to do DNA tests for themselves.

Mokoena was convinced by Facebook users to continue on being the father of the child, but some are against the idea, as they weren't on to say that he has through enough he should move on. Here are some of the views from twitter users.

Authors opinion: I personally think the Machael Mokoena should find peace with his wife and settle the matter and talk it out as adults although we don't know why he took the DNA tests, the truth will finally come out."

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