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Black fathers who are always there for their kids

It is not a hush-hush anymore that so many kids out there are fatherless. They are fatherless not because their fathers passed away, but because they do not want to hear anything about their kids. In a nutshell, they do not want to take responsibility.

In my own opinion, children who were abandoned at a tender age by their fathers often become bullies when they grow up. Fathers out there do not even care about their kids or bother to ask about their well-being, but when the same kids grow up and become well respected people, they boast about it. When they become bullies or lawbreakers they say they took after their mothers.

Kids need to be nurtured and to be given love and respect. The reason why some fathers are absent in their children's lives is because the mothers keep the children away from their fathers. Blaming men only is also unfair because women too contribute to fathers being absent in the children's lives.

What children need is not money. Your presence is the most important thing. They cannot afford to call someone else their father while you are still alive. If their mothers do not want you near them, the law will allow you to see them. After all, you are the biological father.

Children are innocent. According to my point of view, someone else will come into their lives, take care of everything they need and also take them to school. When the time the same children you abandoned become prosperous, they will take care of their step father and not you their biological father. I do not want to lie, It will extremely hurt you.

You do not have to buy them presents or clothes everyday. By spending time with them and playing their favourite games with them will mean a lot to them. In that way, you will be getting to know each other very well.

Even if your ex-girlfriend and her family are not very fond of you, it is their problem. Groom your children to become better people. If you are not there for them they might lose focus and become drug addicts or even criminals.

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