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" I had Two Babies From Two Different Father's When I Was In High School" - FICTION.

When I was in high school, I had two infants from two different fathers. My parents, as well as everyone who cared about me, were devastated. My parents kicked me out after I failed matric, and they took my children away from me. I stayed with a guy who got me pregnant. He kicked me out when the child was two months old.

I was 20 years old at the time. I met an older man who promised me the world and heaven. I moved in with him and he assisted me in the raising of my child. I couldn't say no when he said he wanted his own child because I was reliant on him. Before my baby turned one, I became pregnant. His sisters kicked me out of the house when he died while I was 8 months pregnant. Until I gave birth, I moved live with a distant relative. She arranged for me to work in an Indian shop so that I could support my children. In the municipality, I hired a rear room.

Being alone forced me to consider my life choices carefully. I met a married man who looked after me well. He rented me a larger apartment, and I went to my parents to pick up my first two children. The married man enrolled me in college until I completed matric, after which I enrolled at Unisa. While I was studying at Unisa, he found me a better job. To cut a long tale short, my married man dumped me after six years because he wanted to focus on his wife. He didn't leave me with a child, thankfully, but I'm a lot better now than I was before I met him. Today, I am 30 years old and employed. To my children, I am the best mommy. Every day, my relationship with my parents and siblings improves. One day, I'll meet a man who will value me and my four children. When I tell them I have four kids, most of the guys I've met so far run away.

My children are my greatest blessings, and I will never choose a man over them.

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