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Four Things That Can Increase A Woman's Chances of Conceiving Twins

Despite the fact that nature has a large role in determining the gender and number of infants that grow in your womb following fertilization, some factors might increase your chances of having twins. This will make a lot of people happy who are interested in having twins, which is why I created this essay. The following are some of the factors that might raise your chances of having twins:

1. The age

One of the factors that might increase your chances of having twins is your age. Twins are more likely to be conceived in those beyond the age of 30. This occurs because follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels grow with age in the birthing parents. This hormone is responsible for the evolution of eggs in the ovaries before to their expulsion.

Women need larger amounts of FSH as they become older because their eggs need more stimulation to mature. Higher FSH levels can cause the follicles to overreact, releasing two or more eggs that are fertilized, resulting in multiple pregnancies. Another reason why older women may give birth to twins is because of this.

2. Weight

People who are overweight are more likely to give birth to twins. Increased estrogen levels result from excess body fat, and greater estrogen levels might cause ovaries to overstimulate. At ovulation, the ovaries may release two or more eggs instead of simply one. While the chances of having twins may increase, this is no justification for being fat, as this might lead to additional difficulties.

3. Exclusive bre*stfeeding

Do you realize that becoming pregnant while nursing increases your chances of having twins? It has been proven in studies that it is possible to become pregnant while nursing and have twins. This is something that all ladies should be aware of.

4. Nutrition

Diet has also been linked to the likelihood of having twins, according to research. People who consume a lot of dairy products are more likely to have twins, according to studies. One notion is that the growth hormones provided to cows have an impact on human hormone levels.


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